Bible Truth

Bible Truth

Old Testament Characters Who Ascended and Jesus Christ

Ascension Day is the day to commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Ascension of Jesus Christ
Bible Truth

The Gospel is a Message of Hope

What would be the greatest good news for all mankind with a life-span of 70 to 80 years?

Definition of the Gospel - What Exactly is the Gospel?
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The ‘Special Truth’ About the New Covenant

what exactly is the New Covenant and who established it?

New Covenant Established with Jesus’ Blood
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The Old Testament Sabbath and the New Testament Sabbath

The seventh-day Sabbath was instituted according to God’s will.

Old Testament Sabbath and New Testament Sabbath
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What is the Reality of the ‘Fruit of the Tree of Life’ In Genesis?

The Tree of Life is a extraordinary tree that appears in the Garden of Eden.

What is the reality of the Tree of Life?
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Where is Zion, God’s Dwelling Place?

the question of whether or not a person finds Zion is very important since it determines their salvation.

What is Zion? Where is Zion?